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Continuous information was collected from 2019 and then a digital platform was created from kabadi boy.com, we connect customers directly with scrap collectors and also give best weight best rate to our customers with free pickup service, after this platform we now throw Working on a no sell policy our customers use our platform or mobile app kabadiboy.com to know the best price for all their types of waste

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With the advancement of technology, our goal is to build a clean India, which was the dream of Gandhiji, our goal is to take it forward, our goal is to recycle all the old news papers, milk packets and plastic bottles in an We invite you to join us and try to help us manage recycling by giving us


The world is where we have lived all our lives. We need to care for it better. Recycling is one of the most effective ways to help the environment. Another way is reducing the amount of plastics in use at your home. You could instead drive a car to places, ride bikes. If you can’t ride a bike then walk. People think that when they use plastics they aren’t doing anything, but if everyone thinks that, then we will not reduce the amount of plastic used. You should try to not use weed killers.

Some ways you can practice recycling is having a trash can and recyclable can. You could weed your gardens manually. Instead of using poison. Use paper bags instead of plastics. Try to eat foods that don’t come in plastic raps or containers. When you go to people's houses to eat, look for recycling cans. Nature has done so much for us so we need to give a little bit back to nature. Think of the trees and rivers. Factories need to stop dumping hot water into streams. This is not good for the water. If the water is too warm bad things will grow in the water.

Also, factories need to stop releasing bad chemicals into the air. This causes acid rain and can hurt the environment. The next time you see plastic on the ground, pick it up and put in a recycling bin. Nature can’t deal with pollution itself so we need to give a helping hand to Sell all your junk on Kabadi Boy now!

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